Sunday, September 11, 2016

Reflection, ME-flection

School has been in session for a few weeks, and things might be finally settling down for us. Days seem to pass by quick. Despite the whirlwind start of the year, it's still important for us to make time for reflection. It took me some time realize that reflection is vital to my growth as an educator.

Reflecting on what we have done on any given day in the classroom assists us to become aware of the different modalities and instructional learning formats we have used and helps us determine what was successful and what was not. Most importantly, reflection drives home the need to examine whether our classroom practices really reflect our philosophy about how our students learn, is it student centered or teacher comfort?

On Wednesday, we will have our September faculty meeting in the cafeteria.  We will be discussing the results of the Tell Survey that you all took last spring. TELL stands for – Teaching, Empowering , Leading and Learning.

The survey results will give us and in depth look at our teaching conditions, our systems, our relationships, our resources, and our environment - ALL through our collective lens.

We will analyze the results and create steps toward improving our learning and teaching with the main focus on the student.

The tweet of the week goes out to Mrs. Serratos.  She tweeted out her Freshman Academy studentsduring SSR showing engagement!

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  1. We are definitely getting there! Just really need repetition and teamwork!